A representative from the group for the formation of an exile parliament confirms our reports about division.

Yousif Bet Yousif, a representative of UCAP, the group working for the formation of an Assyrian exile parliament, has in an interview on Assyria TV confirmed information about a split that huyada.com has reported on.

In the interview, Bet Yousif describes how the group’s conference in Wiesbaden was manipulated by some individuals in an attempt to kidnap the project. Among the people pointed out by Bet Yousif is Abdulmesih Barabraham [cover photo] who several people accuse of being the mastermind behind the coup attempt.

”He [Abdulmesih Barabraham] showed up without us being informed that he had been invited. I did not know who he was. He gave a long speech there ”, says Bet Yousif, and maintains that:” they do not represent us and have no support, they will not succeed in this coup. ”