The first priest ordination in three decades in a village in Turkish occupied Assyria is seen as a sign of continued revival.

An Assyrian-Orthodox priest was ordained for the village of Mzizah in september this year in the Turabdin region of Turkish occupied Assyria. Juhanon Beth Djallos ordination is the first one in three decades for the village and has been hailed as a significant and positive sign affirming that the community is indeed rebounding after decades of stagnation in the region known as Turabdin.

The ceremony drew dozens of Assyrians from around the world who hail from this region as well as many local Assyrians. The news of a new Assyrian-Orthodox priest made headlines even in Turkish media, such as this one.

Mzizah which is located south of the provincial town Midyat, is one of several villages in Turabdin still inhabited by Assyrians.