The Kurdish occupation has taken Assyrian-owned agricultural lands near Ankawa by force.

Up to 1000 dunams of land, equaling one square kilometer, was illegally taken over by the Kurdish occupation in early May. The Assyrian-owned agricultural land is near the Assyrian majority town of Ankawa and close to the Arbil airport, itself largely on land once stolen from Assyrians.

The Assyrian farmers who were getting ready to harvest their wheat were surprised to suddenly see tractors leveling the crops, preparing the ground for construction. When the farmers confronted the drivers they were told they were acting on orders of Masrour Barzani.

According to the Assyrian Policy Institute the Assyrian farmers hold the deeds to the land but haven’t been offered compensation.

Kurdish oppression of Assyrians in Northern Iraq, including appropriation of lands, is well documented in numerous reports. Targeted killings, threats, beatings and other forms of oppression by the Kurdish occupation to drive out the indigenous l population of the area has been ongoing for decades.